Blonde Side Back to School Guide

For a lot of us (including myself), today is a bittersweet day. It’s officially the last Sunday before school begins. Le sigh. Although tomorrow begins another semester of late night study sessions and spending all of my free time doing homework, I always think the first day of school is exciting…no matter how many first days I have been through at this point! In gathering my supplies for this week, I’ve put together a guide of what essentials I’ll have with me.


Going clockwise:

1.) A cute (but sensible, and roomy!) bag– Mine is from Forever 21. It has the look of a purse but has lots of room to fit my books and supplies! Most of their totes or weekender type bags are great for carrying around campus.

2.) A fun notebook– This “I Did My Best” notebook is perfect. Not only does it sum up how I think my feelings of my semester will be, but it’s a nice size and has lots of pages for note taking. Check out Shop Bando for this notebook and lots of other adorable accessories!

3.) A good planner– Planners are an important necessity, especially when it comes to school. My planner is from May Designs. I am OBSESSED with their line of paper goods. Seriously, I want everything. They have everything from fitness notebooks to personalized stationary. Each item is customizable in so many ways and it is fantastic! Check them out.

4.) Colored Pens– These are from Papermate, which I’m sure you can find about any office supply store. I love colored pens for taking notes instead of the typical black and blue. There is only so much you can do to keep class interesting sometimes, so I like to add some fun with my note taking!

5.) Pencil Pouch– I always have million pens and I always keep one of these pouches with me to keep them all together because did you ever notice how pens have a tendency to just disappear? Mine is from Target.

6.) Travel Mug– If I don’t have coffee before and during class, the whole 3 hours tends to be a disaster. The best dollar I ever spent was at Starbucks was for their reusable mug (check your local Starbucks location). I also love my crocheted heart cozy, courtesy of Etsy which you can find here.

7.) Dry Erase Calendar– Again, you can find these at just about any office supply store, but I love mine to organize my blog posts in between all of my school assignments. It comes in handy and is a good way for me to visualize everything.

Happy Sunday beauties, and for those of you going back to school as well, enjoy your first day back!


Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 12.31.23 PM

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 8.16.39 PM

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