BlondeSideBestie Takeover!

Hey there!


As you may have noticed by my general lack of blondness, I’m not BlondeSideStyle. This post is all BlondeSideBestie, her brunette better half.

Because I’m a second year law student, BlondeSideStyle let me write a guest post to give my take on how to strike a balance between professional and comfortable—for long days in class followed by longer nights in the library. I guarantee that no one will “object” to this outfit. #ellewoods.


Let’s be real, my ideal outfit is sweatpants and a comfy tee, but that doesn’t fly so well in grad school. So in place of sweatpants, I’m wearing Rockstar jeans from Old Navy (which are seriously as comfortable as pajamas because they are so soft and stretchy), and a super comfy Old Navy sweater.



To class up my outfit a bit I added my favorite L.L. Bean leather boots and a blanket scarf, because what kind of BlondeSideBestie would I be without my trusty blanket scarf?



Top it off with Ray Bans and a giant bookbag and you have yourself a classy yet comfortable outfit that might just trick people into thinking you would rather be in the law library than at home on a hot date with Netflix.

Thanks to BlondeSideStyle for letting me guest post!


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