Bye, Bye Skin Struggles!

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It’s about to get personal on the blog today, because my skin is one thing I’ve repeatedly struggled with. I’ve written posts about some skin care that works/doesn’t work on my acne prone skin and it wasn’t until recently that I found a truly amazing line which I will detail in a moment.

If you’re new to reading my blog, let me give you a little background on my skin. I’ve suffered from breakouts for as long as I can remember, and I have tried everything. Proactiv, prescription creams, drugstore products, department store products, and nothing has ever really been life changing. Oh yeah, and did I mention my skin is also very sensitive? So most acne products will also make my skin irritated. Think of a very bad sunburn, that’s how most acne products make my skin feel.

A lot of people tell me, I look like I have great skin, but there are a lot of makeup tricks and products that will conceal what’s actual going on. Between the stress of school (and life in general), hormones, and working out all the time, breakouts have become an inevitable part of life for me. It took a lot for me to post  picture of what my skin looks like at it’s worst but I wanted to let other people with the same problem know they’re not alone!


I mostly break out on the side of my face and chin, and I always get those under the skin breakouts which hurt, and take forever to heal. I got to the point where I felt so frustrated because I didn’t think at 24 years old, my skin could still get this bad! Then, I started catching up with a sweet friend from college, Chelsea, who recently started selling the Rodan and Fields skincare line (which I kept hearing rave reviews about). I told her about what was going on. Being the sweetie she is, she sent me samples of their Unblemish line, their mini facial, and even included their Soothe moisturizer which is great for sensitive skin…thanks, Chels 🙂


She gave me awesome directions on what to do and I’m telling you, I now know why people are raving about these products. My skin started clearing up in a snap after trying the Unblemish out. Rodan and Fields are also the Doctors who make Proactiv but this line worked much better for my adult skin. Also, the mini facial is AMAZE. Just read the little sheet that comes with it, how could you not want all these results?!


My top picks beside the Unblemish line, are the MDP paste which is their exfoliating microdermabrasion scrub, and the Soothe Moisturizer. If you are interested in any of the Rodan and Fields line, contact Chelsea. She will give you a personalized regimen, and like I said before, she is so sweet and helpful. I’m so thankful she introduced me to these products!


Now that I’ve found some products that actually work, I feel like my skin has been getting under control and looking better than ever. Woo!


Thanks for reading everyone! Hopefully I could help anyone struggling with acne that yes, it is the worst but there is always a solution. If you’re interested, please contact Chelsea. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m ordering my full size Unblemish products ASAP- this is also a great gift for the Holidays while you still have time to order!




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