Monday Favorites: Bachelor Party Edition

If you need to know one thing about me, you need to know that one of my biggest obsessions and guilty pleasures is the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. I cannot help myself. I know what the haters say… its fake, it’s heavily produced, everyone knows the outcome before it even starts…blah, blah, blah…well this is what I have to say to that…


Mostly because the Bachelor haters don’t stop me from tuning in every Monday to get my dose of drama (and Ben H)! So for this Monday’s faves I’m giving you my go to favorites for throwing the best Bachelor viewing party for you and your friends.


Heyyyy Ben!

First and foremost, if you’re watching with your friends on the weekly, a Bachelor Bracket is a must. In my world, whoever has the lowest score has to buy everyone a round of drinks on a girl’s night out, but you can make the outcome whatever you want. That’s the fun of playing along!

What would a Bachelor viewing party be without the perfect outfit for the occasion?


I love my Wine, Bachelor, and Yoga Pants tank. I’ve gotten many questions about where I purchased this tank, so I’ve linked it for you all here.

Treats and wine are also essential. I found these heart shaped cookies for last week’s viewing party, and even though they’re obviously for Valentine’s Day, how perfect are they for Bachelor Monday?!


I also love cooking, so you can usually expect dinner from me where there is a viewing party involved. I love my slow cooker, and one of my fave Bachelor Monday recipes is slow cooker chicken tikka masala (you can find the recipe I use here).


You can also never skimp on the sweets. Between cookies, chocolate, and homeade trifle- I was in heaven!


As far as the show goes, I’m totally #TeamBecca.


Is she not so stunning?!

Becca was my favorite from Chris Soule’s season, and I know a lot of people are upset that she’s back for another season, but I think she is gorgeous and a class act. Not to mention that Becca and Ben would be cute together for sure!

So  with that being said gather your brackets, cook up some goodies, and get to watching!


What do you all think of this season? What is your go to routine for Bachelor Monday? I would love to chat about it. Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@blondesidestyle), because live tweeting my thoughts about the new episodes is also my favorite!



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