Blonde Side Game Day Style Feat. TickPick

Ahh…the time has finally come for the final playoff games of the football season! Anyone who knows me knows that I love watching sports, and football season is inarguably the most wonderful time of the year. Growing up in an NFL city has made me love the sport that much more!

Even though they haven’t made it to the playoffs since 1999, you will always find me rooting for this team right here…



I attend a lot of Bills games, and any NFL fan knows that tickets to see your favorite team can sometimes cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, I recently learned about TickPick, an awesome resource for cheap NFL tickets! “How are they so cheap?” you might ask- well the answer is, TickPick doesn’t nail you with all those extra hidden fees- so the price you see next to the ticket is the price you pay at checkout. We all know that nothing is worse than buying tickets, only to see the outrageous fees that you end up paying at checkout. Have you ever bought a $40 ticket only to wonder how you ended up paying $70 by the time you check out? Been there. Done that. Over it!

TickPick’s website is also secure and certified by the BBB (serious, plus)! Not a football fan? That’s okay, because you can find all your favorite artists, concerts, and other events on TickPick. Lucky for me, because I’ve been eyeing up tickets for a few concerts. Justin Bieber Summer Tour anyone?

Now that I know where I’ll be buying my NFL tickets, with this year’s SuperBowl right around the corner, there has never been a better time to talk about how to show your team pride and game day style!


These are my essentials for any Bills game…except you might see me swap the cute sneaks for my boots when the snow hits the ground in Buffalo!


I also am obsessed with my Buffalo Bills Infinity Scarf. You can find the Bills and a bunch of other NFL team options here.

For the days when you aren’t make it to the stadium, or your favorite team is away, there are many other ways to dress your football look up (or down) to go out and watch the game with friends, or attend a football viewing party!


Now, back to watching some good ‘ole fashioned football! While the Bills aren’t playing today, I can always root for their success in the next season in the comfort of my own home (and my coffee mug!)

FullSizeRender 2

My SuperBowl 50 prediction has been the Pats v. Panthers for some time, so I can’t wait to see how today shakes out! What do you think, who are your picks? How do you celebrate the SuperBowl?

Also before I sign off, please visit this page to find out how to get a credit towards your first purchase on TickPick and make sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Happy Football Sunday!


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