Monday Favorites: Valentine’s Day Guide

Love is in the air…and in the dollar section at Target! We are coming up on Valentine’s Day, so I’ve put together a few of my favorite things for the holiday that I picked up at Target. Nothing wins my heart over quite like the dollar spot…it seriously gets me every time. So here are my 2016 V Day essentials!


Going clockwise:

1. Drink cozy- This one says “Single Limited Time Only.” This was too cute I couldn’t help but pick it up for a gift for my friend. Single or taken, it doesn’t matter because you can still have fun in whatever you choose to do on Valentine’s Day.

2. Glitter Arrow- Target has THE cutest decorations. I love this arrow decoration. I didn’t even get it for Valentine’s decoration specifically, because its so cute and versatile and now makes the perfect addition to my living room!

3. Greeting Card- Everyone enjoys getting a little love on V Day. They have so many cute handmade cards to hand out or mail to your friends and family before the 14th.

4.Baking Cups and Toppers- For me, Valentine’s Day is always about the sweet treats! I couldn’t pass up this adorable $3 set to add a cute touch to any of the baking I do.

5. Heart Shaped Bottle Stopper- I love decorative bottle stoppers! I think this could be used anytime because it’s so stinkin’ cute.

6. Salted Caramel Candle- Candles are a must for setting the Valentine’s mood. Salted Caramel is one of my favorite candle scents and this one is delish, and for $3? I should’ve actually bought them all.

7. “You Had Me At Coffee” Mug- This is always appropriate. No further explanation needed.

8. Heart Shaped Cut Out Cookies- These Pillsbury cookies are my favorite for all of the holidays. They are quick and easy, and everyone always enjoys them!

Also, for the gifts I am sending in mail, reusing old Ipsy mailers for an envelope are perfect for Valentine’s Day presents. I always save a couple at a time for situations like this!


Even though it’s not quite Valentine’s Day yet, I hope you have fun in whatever you choose to do. If you have any specials plans, I would love to hear about them!



4 thoughts on “Monday Favorites: Valentine’s Day Guide

    • Same here! Most of the damage to my wallet at Target happens in the dollar section. You must-I went to school for meeting with my teacher and she had the same one! It made me so happy, I love a cute coffee mug 🙂


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