Monday Favorites: Urban Decay Basics

Hey guys, so I’m kind of late to the Naked Basics party. Just when I thought I experienced all the Urban Decay makeup world had to offer me, these palettes happened.


Now I’ve been eyeing these up for quite some time. My mind told me, “you already own 4 Naked palettes,” but my heart told me I needed these in my life. Well to be honest, I received the Flushed palette from one of my best friends for Christmas, so she knew I needed these in my life too. After that, I sprung for the Naked 2 Basics eye shadow palette.


First of all, Urban Decay for the win with the size and portability of these palettes. They are great to pop in your purse if you need a touch up after a long day before going somewhere. Let’s talk about the Flushed palette first. This one is in the “Native” shade.


Left to right is the bronzer, illuminator, and blush.

Urban Decay has great bronzer, especially for my fair skin tone. This bronzer is not too dark and doesn’t make me look orange. I LOVE the illuminator. Honestly, their illuminators are absolutely gorgeous and have the perfect balance of highlight and shimmer. Lastly, don’t let the bright blush shade scare you. Hot pink blushes look surprisingly natural and give you the perfect amount of flush

Next let’s talk the Naked 2 Basics.


From left to right: Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Primal, Cover, Undone,

So in my head I could never justify the need for this palette, and since I’ve gotten it, I wonder how I lived without it. These shades are so versatile and you can mix them in with any other palette, eyeshadow, you name it. They are all perfect highlight, crease, and corner shades and if you’ve used the Naked shadows before you know they are quality. I chose Naked 2 over the original Naked Basics because I like the cooler tones in 2.

I 100% recommend the Basics palettes- they have all the essentials you need in a convenient, compact, portable form. You can’t go wrong!

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