BlondeSideBestie Takes Washington!

This semester, I, BlondeSideBestie, am interning full time in our nation’s capitol. It’s like the sequel to Legally Blonde, but less disappointing and with a better plotline. I traded in my backpack and locker for a suit and office, and I couldn’t be happier to give my law school life a break!


Before I left for D.C. I went shopping in search of a professional wardrobe. It was actually really hard to find cute women’s suits! Most of the suit stores in the mall are geared toward men—thanks patriarchy. *eyeroll* I finally lucked out with a navy suit from Anne Taylor and a black suit from Jones New York (I’m wearing the black suitcoat in the picture). I was feelin’ a little crazy so I decided to go with a gray and black skirt to mix it up a bit—I know—scandalous! My white top is Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s—her flowy tops are perfect under a suitcoat and super comfy!

FullSizeRender 4

Now for accessories—I’m wearing my fav heels, Payless Comfort Plus—I’ve had them for three years and they are holding up great. They are the only heels I could conceivably walk to work in. Protip—on a day you’re just not feeling the heels stash some flats in your purse for the walk, your feet will thank you. I always keep a pair of nude flats in my purse—that way they match my black suits and my navy blue suits and I can always throw them on in a pinch. My workbag is Rebecca Minkoff—I got it for a steal at Marshalls.

It’s also nude/camel colored so it goes with any suit color—are you seeing a pattern here? I am showing off my fave new ring from Rocksbox (use code blondesidestylexoxo to try your first month FREE) in the last pic, as well as the lipstick I am currently loving—Maybelline’s Blissful Berry. I like it because I don’t ever want to overdo it on my makeup in the office, but it still gives me a fun pop of color.

FullSizeRender 5

Now a professional wardrobe is all well and good, but let’s be honest—my fav time is the weekend. This weekend I went shopping in the Georgetown area of D.C., which is a must for any D.C. trip.  It was finally sunny out this weekend (thank god!!) so I broke out my Birks which have been hiding under my bed from the cold since September. I paired them with ripped jeans and a long sleeve tee from Old Navy (I swear half my clothes are from either Old Navy or Target).

My fold over purse is a recent purchase from Marshalls—it’s Nicole Miller and it’s the perfect size for toting around just my phone and wallet when I don’t feel like carrying my work bag with me. Because it’s still a little cold, but not cold enough for a jacket, I channeled my inner Khloe Kardashian and tied a flannel around my waist. It’s actually from the men’s section in Walmart and cost $9. Here’s a similar version.  But the super hipster sales lady in Free People complimented me on it so I felt pretty legit.

FullSizeRender 6

My friend Emily caught me dropping something in this pic, but it’s cool because the Kennedy Center is in the background. I swear every time you turn around in D.C. there is a famous landmark. It’s kind of the bomb dizzle.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in our nation’s capitol. Thanks to BlondeSideStyle for letting me guest post, and may your days be filled with freedom, liberty, justice, and America!


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