Blonde Side Collabs: March Madness with TickPick

After going through football withdrawal, it’s finally time to get pumped up again for another great time of the year…March Madness! Some of my favorite games to attend are college basketball. To say they’re exciting is an understatement at times, because I’ve been to some downright nail biters. One such game that comes to mind is when I rooted on Notre Dame against Louisville back in 2013. This game went into 5 overtimes making it one of the longest games in Big East history!!!

This was also one of my favorite games, because it just so happens Notre Dame is my favorite college team. Everyone who knows me knows I love Notre Dame. I became a huge fan thanks to the BlondeSideBestie, who went there. After many years as loyal ND fan, you KNOW I will be rooting on the Fighting Irish during March Madness. I always do!


What comes with being a Notre Dame fan, is the style that goes along with it. Here are some of my game day essentials


Since the height of football and basketball season are usually during the colder months, I can’t live without my blanket scarf, especially this one with all the school’s colors. I love adding a little gold sparkle with my favorite crystal link bracelet, and I’m always rocking one of my many Notre Dame shirts.


Also, I usually am always wearing a bow in my hair.


I made this one myself with some ribbon, Notre Dame duct tape (yes, I own Notre Dame duct tape- told you I was a serious fan) and a bobby pin.

The Blonde Side Bestie and I know that no game day is complete without a mani in our favorite team’s colors!


Now that we’ve talked about game day style, let’s talk about your ticket hookup for all the March Madness fun. That of course would be TickPick. You may remember them from an earlier post I did about their company being a great source for cheap NFL tickets. Well, the same goes for all your college basketball ticket needs! Not only that, but TickPick also sells tickets to concerts, theater and tons other sporting events for a low price. There are no hidden fees, and their site is completely secure. It’s a win, win for all!

So whether you’re attending your favorite game throughout the tournament, getting together a bracket with friends, or both- TickPick is your #1 resource for all of your ticket needs this season.

Can’t wait for March Madness to kick off tonight-let the games begin!

Also, be sure to check out Tickpick on Twitter and Instagram and sign up on their blog to earn a discount on your first ticket purchase.


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