Blonde Side Reviews: Kylie Cosmetics

Love them or hate them, there is no denying the Kardashian/Jenner clan is a force to be reckoned with. Ever since Kylie dropped her Lip Kits, they’ve basically broken the Internet with each release, which has why it’s been nearly impossible to get my hands on one. During one of her latest restocks, I was able to purchase one of her glosses, and I just about died that my purchase went through and I was able to try it for myself within the week! The color I was able to purchase was “Like.”


To be completely honest, this was the only shade of gloss I was able to purchase, so I wasn’t sure how the color was going to be. I couldn’t find many swatches on the Internet, although I did find this great list of dupes. In the end, my overall thought was YOLO, at least I was going to get to try one of the coveted Kylie glosses!

So on Monday morning when the mail came, I did a happy dance when I saw my Kylie Cosmetics package in my mailbox. First things first, I loved the packaging.


A lot of customers complained about the first round of glosses having damaged applicators. Luckily, mine came in looking A okay.


Now it was time to see what the color actually looked like on my lips, and the final verdict quickly became I LOVE IT.


Swatched in the sunlight and without.

I originally was trying to buy the “Literally” shade (“Too Cute” looked too light for me), but alas, Literally sold out in literal seconds. Pun Intended. I’m so happy I ended up with Like though, it’s perfect for my skin tone and the shine is unreal. It might be all in my head, but I also think the gloss makes my lips look fuller!


I’ve heard complaints here and there about the gloss being drying, and I personally have not experienced that problem. The lasting power of this gloss is also better than most I have used. I do wish the glosses came with a lipliner though! I’ve been using my Milani Cosmetics Most Natural lipliner with mine.

Not that I’m obsessed or anything now, but I have this Kylie Lip Kit Update page from on hand, and I have also downloaded Kylie’s app for updates of her next restock. I’m not sure if either of these will actually help, I swear getting a lip kit is the result of sheer luck!

I have my eyes on the Metals line, and lip kits in Posie K and Dolce K. Here’s to hoping! Have you tried anything from Kylie Cosmetics? Are you hoping to get a kit on her next restock? Would love to know your thoughts!



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