25 Things I’ve Learned at 25

Today is the big day everyone, this girl turns a quarter of a century old!! With 25 years under my belt, I’ve gathered many important life lessons that I wanted to take the time and share with you today. With that being said, here is my list of the 25 Things I’ve Learned at 25.

1. Begin and end each and every day with a grateful heart. Seriously, find 5 things daily that you’re grateful for, it’s so important.

2. Nothing good happens after 2am.


Ted Mosby said it best in HIMYM. After many late nights, my friends and I can tell you that this one will always hold true!

3. Sometimes the people who you thought were your forever friends take up no more than a page in the story of your life. Be thankful to be surrounded by the right people.

4. Once in a while, you need a good cry.

5. Never let anyone tell you what to do.

6. Life is short and you should cherish every second with the people you love.

7. Eat well and travel often.

8. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If they do, prove them wrong and do it better than they ever would have expected.

9. You’ll get your heart broken, but you’ll bounce back and everything will be ok again.

10. You’ll meet people you’ve known for a couple hours, who will treat you better than people you’ve known for years. Keep them around.

11. Always take the advice of your best friend, mom/dad, siblings, grandparents…they know what’s best for you even when you don’t see it.

12. Some days you eat healthy and work out like crazy, and others you come home after work and eat the whole kitchen. You’re only human, don’t beat yourself up over it.


We all have these days, and it’s OK!

13. Don’t be afraid to walk away from people at situations that make you uncomfortable or unhappy.

14. One lesson I learned from a teacher when I was in kindergarten was “take it off your worry list.” Don’t spend your time worrying about things that aren’t going to affect your life tomorrow, next week or even for the rest of your day.

#15 and #16 are from the Blonde Side Bestie herself. Let me just tell you, everyone needs a sister-friend like this girl in their lives…

15. Have a five year plan–for your school, for your health, for your career. It’s okay if it changes, and it’s okay if right now it’s more like a one year plan–but setting goals helps keep you motivated and keep you on track

16. Don’t waste time on people who aren’t nice. There are plenty of people out there who will look or for you and your best interests. Go find them.

17. Know when to say no.

18. Surround yourself with people who support you and build you up, not the opposite.

19. Never apologize for being exactly who you are, and don’t change yourself just because you think someone else won’t like you.

20. Always keep a positive attitude, even on the days you don’t feel like it.

21. Know your worth. Never let anyone make you feel inferior, or take their insecurities out on you.

22. Your first impressions or gut feelings about someone are usually right.

23. It’s ok to not have your life together by 25, and to not be entirely sure what you want to do for the rest of your life.


24. Keep the past where it belongs…in the past.

25. Most importantly ladies…boys may come and go, but friends are forever!


Carrie Bradshaw and her friends knew best. Your girlfriends will always have your back-treasure those friendships.

As we get older, we definitely grow wiser, and these are just some of the things I wish I knew when I was a little younger. I’m sure as the years go by I will continue to learn, and my list will only get bigger. What is your favorite piece of advice? I would love to know.

Now go forth and prosper, beauties!



8 thoughts on “25 Things I’ve Learned at 25

    • Thank you so much Hannah! I appreciate the kind wishes and the compliment. Yes I agree, nothing is scarier than realizing you’re a quarter of a century old! I don’t think I’m taking aging too well either haha


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