#ChooseToSmooth with Gillette Venus Swirl

Confession: I hate buying razors. I usually buy the disposable kind, don’t judge me, I know it’s bad! For the amount I spend on other skincare products, you think I would be better about my shaving routine, but razors are crazy expensive. They even have them locked up at the drugstore for goodness sakes! I might have changed my outlook on my shaving routine with the new Gillette Venus Swirl, however.

  Look at my legs guys! They are smooth, shiney and completely Instagram-worthy if you ask me. I couldn’t stop touching my legs after my shower, they were the softest I’ve ever felt them.

The Venus Swirl razor is equipped with Flexi Ball technology that is designed to contour tricky areas for a smooth, flawless shave. This razor glided over my skin.  I didn’t even have any problems in the areas I usually nick like my ankles and my knees. You ladies all know they struggle with shaving those sensitive areas on your legs!

With summer right around the corner, I’ll definitely be reaching for the Venus Swirl razor to keep my legs looking in tip to shape in my skirts and shorts. Luckily, this razor is on major sale right now at Target– so take my word on this and get yourself one!

I vow to never use disposables again after this experience, seriously!

Happy Friday my loves.


Disclaimer: The product reviewed was received complimentary for testing purposes


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