Lessons from a Graduate

I can’t even contain my excitement because today I’m finally going to have my Master’s degree in hand!


The feeling I have is well worth all the tears, all nighters, excessive coffee consumption and stress I have experienced over the past two years. Similar to my 25 Things I’ve Learned at 25 post, I wanted to share to share my top 10 lessons I’ve learned as a graduate with you all. Enjoy!

1. The people who support you are always going to support you no matter what, and the ones who don’t never will. In getting my degree, it was important to surround myself with people who understood my goals and wanted to help me achieve. This is important for life in general.

2. Always dream big, and have lots of goals. They may change along the way, but that’s ok. These are the things that help you work for something bigger and better!


3. Don’t be afraid to fail, as long as you tried. Failure happens to the best of us, but as long as you know in your heart you put your best foot forward, you always have the opportunity to try again.

4. Focus on the good. Sure, it’s easier to complain and dwell on negativity when life gets hard, but a positive outlook is truly what keeps you going.


Queen Lauren Conrad will always be full of infinite wisdom. 

5. Never give up. No matter how cliché this one sounds, it’s so true. There have been many times when I’ve wanted to throw in the towel throughout the past two years, and many nights I wondered if I could do it or if I was doing the right thing. Being able to have such a huge accomplishment under my belt was worth every second though. Keep pushing yourself!

6. Don’t think you have to have it all figured out by a certain age. I think we fall into a trap of thinking we have to have the perfect job, be married, own a house, etc. by a certain age. The truth is that everyone is different and even when you think someone’s life is perfect, we all know from experience that nobody truly has this life all figured out.


7. It’s never too late to pursue what you want to do. If you have a dream, idea or goal in mind, GO FOR IT.

8. Trust in the timing of everything, and don’t try and force anything you know is not truly meant to be.

9. Don’t be afraid to go with plan B. To be honest with you all about my life path, I graduated with a BA in Accounting. I worked at an accounting firm for about 6 months before I decided that is not what I wanted to spend my life doing. I decided to go back for my Master’s in Communication Studies because that’s what made me happy, and was also what I truly want to do. It was ok to admit I didn’t like what I was doing, and it was ok to go with a different plan for my life! Life goes on.

10. Most importantly, have faith.

Congrats to all my fellow graduates of the Class of 2016! We did it!



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