Monday Favorites: Dirty Girl Farm

I feel like I am on a constant quest for two things in life: natural and organic products, and clear skin. The two aren’t always necessarily mutually exclusive, but it sure is a huge plus when I find great products with natural ingredients that help my sometimes problematic skin. I’m 25 y’all, when does the acne madness stop?! Thankfully, I was sent some amazing products from my friends at Dirty Girl Farm to help clear up my skin issues.


If you’ve never heard of Dirty Girl Farm, you’re missing out! They sell all-natural skincare products, and all items of their items are free from chemicals, toxins and gluten. Their products are never tested on animals, and are 100% vegan. Sounds like a big win to me.

The first product I want to talk about is their Wild Oat and Honey Cleanser. This is “an extremely gentle yet deep cleansing gel cleanser. Calms redness in a flash! Perfect for sensitive, normal and every skin in between.”


Truth be told, even on my worst skin days I hate acne cleansers. They irritate my skin so much, and I always opt for something gentle. This cleanser is honestly one of my most favorite that I’ve ever used!


I love the packaging because one little pump gives you the perfect amount of product. My face feels instantly clean, and calm after I wash with this. Plus, it never makes my skin feel tight or dry.

The next product I received was their Breakout Buster Lotion, because let’s be honest, my whole life is about trying to bust my breakouts. This lotion is a “balancing moisturizer perfectly formulated for acne prone skin.Healing zinc oxide will also reduce redness and reduce swelling on active acne spots. The final step in your acne treatment ritual.”


Once again, I struggle with acne lotions because breakouts start to diminish, but then I have redness and dry patches to take their place because most of the ingredients are just too harsh. This stuff is awesome, I’ve noticed such a difference in the smoothness of my skin and clearness of my pores after just a couple weeks of use.


I’ve been using a dime sized amount like this morning and night, mostly focusing on my problem areas like my T-zone and the side of my face. Sometimes I’ll top it off with my fave Aqua Bomb for a little extra moisture.

Lastly, even though this is not an acne product, I was dying to try the Caffeine Eye Serum. This is actually the product that originally drew me to Dirty Girl Farm! This serum is meant to “fight back against wrinkles, sagging and dark circles and win back brighter more youthful looking eyes with the anti-aging powers of chia seeds and coffee bean oils.”


Seriously, I am obsessed with this product. I can’t even count how many times I’ve used it since I got it. Between heredity and having half my family prone to dark circles under their eyes, and also being a part of #teamnosleep 99% of the time, I feel like my dark circles make me look exhausted all the time. Even if I’m not!

FullSizeRender 2

It comes in a rollerball, so it’s super easy to use. I roll it under my eyes in the morning before my makeup routine, and at bedtime and lightly dab it in with my fingers. On days I am not wearing makeup, I seriously roll this stuff under my eyes 4 times a day. Did I also mention it smells just like a fresh cup of coffee? I die. Seriously, just go buy it now and thank me later.

I highly recommend these products. Even if you don’t have acne prone skin, they have tons of skincare options available, and their team is more than willing to help find which products will work best for your skin. Thanks to Dirty Girl Farm for hooking me up with these awesome products. I hope you all will give them a try too, you won’t be disappointed by this all natural, affordable line with products that actually work!

Make sure to check them out on IG too.

Ps- For those of you asking about my adorable Pineapple Print organizer I snagged from Ulta you can find it here. It’s the perfect little bag to store all of your skincare goodies on the go!




6 thoughts on “Monday Favorites: Dirty Girl Farm

  1. Thank you so much, Blonde Side Style! What a fabulous shoutout and review! We are delighted that you enjoyed our recommended products and that the Caffeine Eye Serum lived up to your expectations. We can’t wait to see what else you’ll try!

    Wishing you health and happiness,
    Dirty Girl Farm

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re so welcome! I love the products so much- seriously, my skin has never been happier, and the caffeine eye serum is the absolute bomb. Dirty Girl Farm rocks 🙂 Thanks so much for everything.


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