YSL Vinyl Couture Review

So I tried something new. I tried a colored mascara yesterday. Gasp. If you know me I like my lashes black, thick and luscious. I rarely ever try a colored eyeliner, let alone mascara! I recently received the YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara to try. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find the shade I received was I’m the Excitement, a vivid emerald green.



My first thought was, I have no idea how I’m going to pull this one off. Swatching the color on my hand, the color looks almost garish. I felt like I was going to wind up looking like the Green Goblin.

FullSizeRender 24.jpg

Just look at it, can you blame me?

The brush was a pretty normal looking mascara wand. I love the packaging of this product though, it looks so chic!


Surprisingly, when I started applying the mascara, it wasn’t as bright as I thought it would be. I could actually still see most of my dark lashes under the color.

FullSizeRender 22.jpg

In my bathroom lighting, my lashes still looked pretty black. I even did a purple shadow routine with this mascara, because I know purple usually brings out green. So my next step was to go in the natural light to see if that would make my green lashes pop!

FullSizeRender 23.jpg

After standing in every angle imaginable and getting a couple different lights, my lashes still looked black to me. In fact, nobody else picked up on any green unless I was standing in direct sunlight. I was a little disappointed seeing as I was expecting a little something, but I got nothing in terms of color really unless I’m crazy and just can’t see it!

My overall verdict: Undecided

I really love the formula of this mascara. It went on super smoothly, no clumping and it made my lashes look so long! Downside, the color wasn’t what I was expecting. To be honest, I would love to repurchase this in the Clash Black shade, so I can get the same effect but with actual black mascara.

There are 9 other shades of Vinyl Couture Mascara. I would definitely recommend trying the color before you buy to make sure it looks like what is in the tube. For most of the brighter colors, I’m sure the color shows way better.

Have you tried YSL Vinyl Couture? What do you think about switching it up with a colored mascara?


Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes.

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