Blonde Side Collabs: KarmaViva

Hey there friends, Happy Weekend! Today I’m super excited to share an awesome company with you all, KarmaViva. Before getting to collaborate with KarmaViva, I had never heard of them. After looking up their products and reading their story, I knew this was a collab I wanted to be a part of. First of all, KarmaViva sells beautiful fair trade, handmade bracelets


This is the Nantucket Breeze Combo Pack. There are many different combo packs to choose from and you can find the entire selection here.

Secondly, KarmaViva bracelets directly benefit artisans and their families in Guatemala. $10 from each combo pack that is purchased is donated to build a school in rural Guatemala. How awesome is that? I don’t know about you, but I love buying products that I can also feel good about.


They also have awesome customer service. The shipping was easy, and I received my bracelets so quickly. Not to mention, there is free Shipping for U.S. orders over $40, and all orders ship within 24 Hours. All of their bracelets also have a one year guarantee! Each combo pack is handmade with high quality Linhasita waterproof waxed polyester cord. These bracelets are so well made- you can tell the quality compared to other string type bracelets on the market.


I am so happy with my KarmaViva experience. Now I have these beautiful bracelets, I know are helping to benefit a super cause!

I also want to share the KarmaViva experience with you all by giving you 10% one of their Karma Combo Packs by using the code, KARMA10 at checkout.

Have a wonderful Saturday,




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