Blonde Side Instagram Recap

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I last Instagram recapped for you. Even though you may have already seen me post about certain products, I always love to refocus on all the things I’m really loving lately for you all, as well as recap what’s been going on with me. If you aren’t already following me, make sure you head over to IG to find me- @blondesidestyle 🙂


I’ve realized with finally having a full time big girl job that I can never have enough work clothes! Old Navy is one of my favorite places to shop because they have professional pieces at very affordable prices. Recently they had a big sale, so I stocked up on some essentials.

// Shop my favorites here //

IMG_6979 2.JPG

Recently, I posted about my haul at Sephora. I am absolutely obsessing over some of these buys still, weeks later!

// Find my favorite purchases here //


Marble has become quite the obsession lately. It’s so classic and chic looking, and has become a staple as I try to decorate my new apartment! You can find this ‘Carrara’ iPhone case C/O Case Taboo linked here. For reference, I also got the silver trim on mine.

// Shop my Marble Clock here //


While this may not be a fashion or beauty fave, I recently went on a trip to Notre Dame to see them play Michigan State. Even though they lost, me and the Blonde Side Best still had a blast road tripping together from NY and seeing the game!


The Jessica Simpson Collection is one of my favorite clothing and accessory lines. I absolutely love the selection of sunglasses most of all! I found these rose gold sunnies at Marshalls on super sale this past weekend, and they are perfect.

// Shop similar sunnies here //


Lastly, I wanted to share an awesome product with you one more time, and that would be these Leazy Shoe Laces. These laces are one of those products you never knew you needed, until you started using them! Seriously, my sneakers stay so comfortably on my feet when I’m working out and I don’t have to worry about my shoes coming untied. I have the grey laces, which you can find here. They also come in other colors!

// Shop my favorite Nike gym shoes here //

So there you have it, my round up of all things Instagram from the past couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading my pretties, and Happy Wednesday!


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