Blonde Side Top 5 Last Minute Gift Picks!

So maybe you’re sitting here reading this post and panicking because you’ve got a few more people left to shop for and you just have no idea what to buy with Christmas being 4 days away. Don’t worry, because I’m rounding up some simple gift ideas you will be able to pull together in no time.

1. Mugs

Alright, time for a fun fact about me, I’ve become an avid collector of mugs. They are everywhere in my kitchen! I love mugs with cute sayings, mugs from places I’ve been and just about any one I can find that speaks to me like this Caffeine is the New Black one below.


I also have a hard time finding things with an N on them, weird right? So this mug is one of my favorites. I’ve linked a similar monogram one for this year here


The great thing about this small gift is that you can pair it with someone’s favorite hot drink, whether it be their favorite kind of coffee, tea or even hot chocolate. Throw it together in a little basket and now you have a cute and thoughtful gift that is easy to put together!

2. Candles

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.16.14 AM.png

I am also obsessed with candles, and trust me, candles always make great gifts. My favorite ones are definitely Bath and Body Works (3 wicks also on sale for $15.50 today, normally $22.50!). They burn nicely, and I love their scent selection. They also usually have some good sales on them as well.

Some of my newer favorite brands are Candelles and Evil Queen. While you might not be able to order them in time for the holiday this weekend, they’re definitely worth checking out as a treat to yourself if you’re a candle lover like I am.

You can also find this faux fur infinity scarf hereand speaking of scarves…

3. Blanket Scarf (or other winter weather gear)

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.15.44 AM.png

I am a New Yorker, so anything warm and fuzzy is always much appreciated. I am also a huge fan of the blanket scarf, so you can never go wrong with giving (or getting) one of these cozy favorites of mine.  You can find blanket scarves and adorable beanies, which I am also loving this winter from ilymix boutique, and make sure to take 20% off with Nina20 at checkout.

If you want some quicker shipping or pick up in store options, I would recommend these picks!

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.35.24 AM.png

Sole Society Plaid Blanket Scarf

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.36.19 AM.png

BP Reversible Blanket Scarf (available to ship by Christmas Eve!)

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.37.27 AM.png

Autumn Blanket Scarf (also available to ship by Christmas Eve!)

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.38.41 AM.png

Knit Beanie with Faux Fur Pom Pom (also available to ship by Christmas Eve)

4. Sports Apparel


So y’all may not be as die hard about your sports teams as I am, but I love when I receive any Buffalo Bills or Notre Dame related gift being those are my two favorite teams. I love my bills beanie, I’ve linked a similar one herebut you can also find any team you could possibly think of here.

I am also obsessed with my Buffalo Bills Infinity Scarf (which is available for Christmas shipping, ps!)


Also find all of their other team selections here.

5. Watches


If you’re looking for an amazing last minute gift, look no further than this Michael Kors Rose Gold SmartwatchYes you heard that right. Mine was a gift from my Blonde Side Beau a few months back and I love it. The watch is powered by Android but it is compatible with an iPhone, so no worries there! Compared to the price of smartwatches and Michael Kors watches in general, this one is priced pretty reasonably. I’ve always wanted a smartwatch but could never quite see myself wearing an Apple Watch. This is why this is so perfect, and you will definitely impress someone with months to come with this gift!

You can also find my Holiday Beauty Buys and Holiday Lip Favorites  if you’re looking for some more last minute gift ideas. Happy Shopping everyone!


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