Monday Favorites: Curology

Happy Monday everyone! I am sorry Monday Favorites is all I have been posting lately, I am desperately trying to get back on track with a regular posting schedule. Working in student affairs is a very time consuming job, and my hours aren’t always what you would call normal. But it’s ok, because I love what I do and I’ve gotten some amazing opportunity like getting to spend last week in Jacksonville, FL for a conference.


So it’s not that blogging still isn’t my number 1 love, because it is, but sometimes it takes a back seat when it comes to my 9-5, but I will get the hang of it sooner or later.

Today, I wanted to talk about an amazing product that I have recently discovered and that is Curology.

FullSizeRender 14.jpg

Haven’t heard of it before? It’s ok, I hadn’t either until I peeped them on IG. Basically, it’s a custom product made for your skin that you apply at night after washing your face.

Plus, what intrigued me even more is that you can start with a free trial!

The process is actually very straightforward to help you get the product that is going to work the best for your skin. There are tons of questions asking what you’ve tried before, where you break out, any medications you’re on, side effects of other acne products you’ve tried before and so on.

You also have the chance to upload pictures of the front and sides of your face, as well as any other areas where you experience significant acne problems (for example,sometimes I break out on my neck and chest). Then a dermatologist looks over your information and pictures and comes up with a custom formula, and is available anytime to answer questions about your skin or the product. Pretty cool, huh?

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 4.43.28 PM.png

It has 3 active ingredients formulated to target your specific problem areas, and it’s like no other product you can pick up at the drugstore or get from the dermatologist.

I LOVE that the routine is so simplistic. I hate having a regime that is multiple products, and has things you can only use on certain days, etc. You simply wash your face and apply sunscreen in the morning per usual, and wash and apply the Curology at night. This has cut my nightly routine down significantly.

They have a recommended list of face washes to use, but quite honestly, I am loving the Honest Beauty Gel Cleanser. It’s gentle, and it’s so so good.

Most acne products either stop working after a couple weeks, or just dry out my skin or make it horribly irritated. This has done none of the above my friends. Quite honestly, it’s gotten worse, but better at the same time if that makes any sense. It’s a process Curology calls “purging,” which is described below.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 4.48.46 PM.png

Throughout the process they send helpful little emails like this which is so reassuring to know it’s normal what you’re skin is going through.

I would post a before and after but because my skin is going through the purge phase, it’s still not perfect yet, but I can tell you my skin feels so much less clogged and I am not getting as many big, painful breakouts which are the ones that plague me.

I hope if you suffer from acne like I always have, and feel like I might always will suffer from at this point, this product is worth a shot especially when you can test it out with a free trial. Start yours here.

For reference, I purchased this product and will continue to, and this post was not sponsored in any way. I truly love sharing products that really work, and I feel I owe it to all my readers out there who might be looking for an amazing product to help their skin.

Thanks for reading and have a great night!


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