Monday Favorites: Oscars Style 

So besides the most awkward and talked about moment of the evening, ya know when the Oscars pulled a Miss Universe 2015….it was all about the fashion!

So while some have the last painfully awkward 5 minutes stuck in their head, I’ve been thinking about my most favorite fashion moments of the evening. Because the Oscars is all about the glam, am I right?

For starters, hands down my favorite look was on Kirsten Dunst.

The dress, the hair, that necklace….her waist! Ahhh everything about this was perfection. Kirsten has always been one of my style icons, and this further proved my love for her effortless, beautiful looks.

Also, you can never go wrong with black. I feel like some people push the envelope with their gowns, but simple always proves to be the most elegant in my opinion.
My second favorite look was from Emma Roberts.

I am always heart eyes over Emma, and also her Scream Queens alter ego Chanel Oberlin. I know a lot of people didn’t love this dress, but I really did. I also love her hair color. Again, I saw some dissenters in the world of social media but I think it pulls the whole look together and really suits her. She looked absolutely regal, like a 40s movie star!

I was also seriously in love with Taraji P. Henson’s gown (and that hair). She seriously slayed the red carpet.

Upon first look, I thought the dress itself was black and upon further watching, it was actually a stunning deep shade of navy blue, which made me love it even more! The neckline and the slit are just enough, and the simple statement piece really pulls it all together. She nailed it.

Lastly, for the dresses, let’s talk about the actual real life Oscar statue that was Jessica Biel.

There were many, and I mean many sparkly gowns on the red carpet last night. Some of them I didn’t find flattering at all, and others were just too much. Jessica however, got it just right. The fit was perfect for her, the color was perfect for her skin tone and that necklace looks like it was made for the dress.

Secondly, I think she nailed it with her hair and makeup. I love the fact that both were simple and didn’t take anything away from her beautiful gown. Plus, the fact her husband is JT (who’s performance was my fave) also makes her the luckiest woman on earth.

One more thing I was absolutely obsessing over were Charlize Theron’s earrings.

I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of them! They stole the show. I wish I was a bigger fan of her dress. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty, but I’ve thought a lot of her dresses in previous years were prettier. I do love that she always sticks to Dior through every Oscars red carpet though! Plus she’s just gorg.

All and all, the 2017 Oscars made for a pretty interesting evening. I would love to know your thoughts and who you thought was the best dressed of the evening!

Until next year, you can find me watching my favorite form of entertainment- The Bachelor. Make sure to follow along with me on Twitter.

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