Monday Favorites: Beautycounter 

As a quick disclaimer before I begin this post, I am not in anyway affiliated with selling Beautycounter products. This is just my honest opinion on some product samples I received and wanted to share with you all!

So now that that’s cleared up, let’s talk about Beautycounter. You may have seen this company a lot lately. They’re a relatively new cosmetics and skincare brand that has really taken off. They have banned about 1,500 toxic ingredients from their products to make safe makeup and skin care products. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

So as I had mentioned before, I received some samples of products from my girl Heather who is an independent rep for Beautycounter. Hey Heather!

Included were the Nourishing sample set, the Balancing Face Oil, the Charcoal Mask and Charcoal Cleaning Bar sample (which is not pictured because I used that baby up) and the Hibiscus Cream Blush.

The sample set further included 6 minis of skincare items from their Nourishing line- the day and night cream, cream exfoliator and cleanser and their eye cream which I love!

I think my most favorite sample out of all of them was the Hibiscus Cream Blush. It is so good! It is super pigmented and creamy which I love and is very easy to blend. As you can see in this swatch, it is bright when you first start to apply the product. Obviously, this is a little more than I would normally use so you could really see the color.

Once you blend it into your skin, it gives you the most perfect rosy flush ever. Plus this stuff lasts and lasts and lasts! I suggest applying this (or any cream blush for that matter) with the blusher sponge from Beauty Blender. It really makes all the difference!

After getting to try out these samples, I would definitely say my tops picks are the Charcoal Mask and Charcoal Cleaning Bar, Nourishing Eye Cream and Hibiscus Cream Blush. You can order any of these products from Heather by clicking here, but I also have a special surprise for my readers.

I’ve teamed up with Heather and you can enter my contest on Instagram to win a $25 gift card to Beautycounter. How exciting is that? Head over to my Instagram page for entry details. Good luck and Happy Monday!


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