Tools of the Trade 

Some things are just worth the splurge. Today I wanted to share two tools I’ve recently added to my beauty arsenal that I finally decided to purchase that have turned out to be game changers.

The first is the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanum 1-inch Flat Iron  and the second is the Clarisonic Mia 2 Cleansing System. Side note- it wasn’t my plan to have these tools match, but I kind of love that they do!

First, let’s discuss the Babyliss Pro Flat Iron which is on MAJOR sale ps, by like $30. So if you’ve wanted to take the plunge like I did, now is definitely the time.

For the record, I have wanted this straightener for years. The salon I go to uses these and I also leave with the smoothest, silkiest and shiniest hair! I went through my Chi phase (and that thing fried my hair), and then I moved onto a GHD, which I did like, but it also broke on me twice, which is exactly why I got a new straightener because my GHD is currently dunzo. I knew once I was in the market for a flat iron, I needed to bite the bullet and get the Babyliss because it is so good.


I prefer titanium irons because they don’t snag and get stuck on your hair, and they make it so shiny. I love that this iron also has rounded edges because I love doing loose waves with my flat iron. It also heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with 50 heat settings, and also comes with a great warranty. All in all, I am so happy to have this in my life, finally!

Next, let’s talk about the Clarisonic Mia 2 Cleansing System. I’ve also been wanting this product since it first came out, and I am legitimately kicking myself for not getting it sooner.

Yes, the price tag is steep, but it is so worth it to get your skin clean every time you wash! The difference between the Mia and Mia 2 is that the Mia 2 has two different cleansing speeds, and has a two year warranty, and has a timer so you know when your cleansing time is up.


I know how much this makes a difference because now when I use a toner after washing my face, tons of product doesn’t wipe off with it even after washing my face. The other night I was tired and being lazy and just washed my face with my hands, the next morning when I washed my face with my Mia 2, I had makeup on the brush still leftover from the night before. This thing seriously gets the job done!

I originally wanted the pink, but I purchased this in a store, and they only had blue and purple left. You can find the pink here though. You can also purchase different brush heads. I have been using the one it came with but am thinking about the cashmere brush head, because that’s the one I’ve heard rave reviews on. You can also use any cleanser with it (Clarisonic gives you a small sample of theirs with the system), but I have been loving this gentle cleanser with it.

Seriously, I am telling you I don’t know how I went so long without this. It is honestly worth every penny.


All in all, I’m feeling like I am having my best skin and hair ever thanks to these tools.

I am also listing all my outfit details for you including this gorgeous statement piece, my favorite blush cardi and my camo tee on sale for $6 (tee also comes in many other colors too).

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and it was helpful for anyone looking to purchase these items. Happy Saturday!

Also my fave mascara of all time is on sale for $10 today– so get it while you can.


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