Friday Faves and Feelings + Birthday Recap+ Why I Love Cinco De Mayo! 

Hey all! Let’s get started because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover in this post. First of all, I wanted to apologize for being absent on my blog as well as Instagram lately. To be completely honest with you all (because I always am), I’ve been feeling very down since Instagram changed its entire platform, and started shadowbanning content. For those of you who don’t know about this awful trend, please see this article for some enlightenment and then feel prepared to be confused as ever. Basically I’ve felt that all of my posts seem like they’re going to s***. See, told ya I’d be honest. With all the hard work that goes into even the simplest of pictures, the lack of engagement with my content kind of makes me feel uninspired and sad.

I know there are other platforms to get the point across but Instagram was my favorite from the get go. It was where I went to get and share all of my inspiration and now it’s just turning into another scheme for users to buy ad space and pay for sponsored posts. That’s not what I signed up for when I started my blog. I really appreciate my followers who always engage no matter what, it’s so much appreciated and I’m trying my best to ride out these crazy changes. I think that about sums up the “feelings” part of this post, so now let’s move onto some favorites…

So in case you didn’t know, last week was the big 2-6 for me. The only life changing this about turning 26 was getting kicked off of my mom’s health insurance, so I guess you could say I’m really adulting now!

I went to dinner with my family last week and chose this outfit to celebrate. You can find all of my outfit details linked here. I am especially obsessed with this dress, and it’s also on sale! It wasn’t when I purchased it, so take advantage because it’s so light and perfect for those cooler summer nights.

On Saturday, my boyfriend told me we were going to dinner together, and since it was cold and I didn’t get to wear my new VBxTarget number that I wanted to, I opted for this long OTS floral romper I found at Marshalls. Side note, I can’t stop obsessing over my new phone case.

You can probably only imagine my surprise when “dinner” turned into a surprise party with my family and closest friends.

I’ve never been thrown a surprise party in my life, so I was so touched and genuinely so surprised!

As for birthday gifts, I loved everything that I got, but I have say as far as style favorites go, the thing that came in this LV box was the best.

For those inquiring minds, I got the Damier Ebone canvas Key Pouch that I’ve wanted for forever. It matches perfectly with my favorite Neverfull!

Now onto another favorite of mine, Cinco de Mayo!

Sure, this holiday is great because who doesn’t love tacos, margs or an ice cold Corona? But it’s also special because it’s my anniversary with my amazing, handsome boyfriend. So S/O to him for being the best as well as being my blog photog, support system, personal chef, trashy tv watching partner and best surprise party thrower out there!

Here’s an actual picture from our first date, which really wasn’t supposed to be our first date, but we decided to go out for tacos after classes together and the rest is history. Let’s be honest though, is there any better way to celebrate?

Cheers to Cinco de Mayo, anniversaries and the weekend!



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