Blonde Side Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Momma’s Day is almost here! If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until the last minute and also share these same sentiments

My mom deserves the entire world. Yes, I definitely have a big girl job and can afford more than a candle now, but I don’t think any amount of gifts will ever come close to giving my mom what she deserves given all the things she does for me. I could write a whole series on my awesome mom, but for now, I wanted to put together a quick little gift guide if you’re looking for any last minute purchases before Sunday!

For the techie Mom…

If your mom is all about the newest gadgets, I definitely suggest this Michael Kors Smartwatch. It’s sleek, stylish, functional and definitely won’t break the bank compared to other smart watches on the market.

For the coffee loving Mom…

Y’all know I’m the biggest fan of mugs, so naturally, I love gifting them as well. My mom loves her cup of tea in the morning, so a great mug always makes a perfect present for her.

I have to say, after seeing Rae Dunn everywhere, I’m becoming obsessed and am starting my own collection. I found the “Mom” mug at Marshalls and I can’t wait to gift it to mine! I’ve also listed some Rae Dunn mugs on my Poshmark page.

For the Mom who loves jewelry…

Every mom loves jewelry. A nice piece of jewelry is always thoughtful and makes a great, easy gift if you don’t know what to get.

I am loving this blush druzy necklace (which you can score for 15% off with code NINA15), and also this gorgeous and dainty Then, Now and Forever necklace which will definitely get there in time for Mother’s Day if you order now! I highly recommend this piece.

For the makeup junkie Mom…

Here’s where I hope my own mom doesn’t read this post before Sunday because spoiler alert, she’s getting some of these things!

I recently tried the Lipsense kit, and needless to say, I’m so obsessed. My mom has been telling me how she wants one because she sees how gorgeous the shades are, and how they just last and last. I ordered her the shade “Apple Cider” and I hope she loves it. I recently got the shade Caramel Latte which I’ve gotten lots of compliments on.

You can order through my girl Brianne over at the Longest Smooch by finding her on Facebook or Instagram.

Speaking of lips, I always love these little kits Sephora puts out. I got this Give Me Some Nude Lip set at Sephora recently and it’s really a great set if your mom loves products and wants to try something new!

Lastly, the one present I know I’m getting my mom before Sunday (especially because she always asks about it) is the Clarisonic Mia 2 Face Brush

You can read my thoughts on the brush here that I’ve written about previously. I also plan on buying her the Cashmere brush head which is my fave because it’s super soft and great for sensitive skinned ladies like myself and my momma!

What did you get your moms? I’m always up for more ideas and suggestions.


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