Beauty Ballin’ on a Budget

They say that the best things don’t have to cost a fortune, and when it comes to finding some affordable beauty products I would absolutely agree with that sentiment.

I get asked a lot of times about budget friendly beauty products for people who may want to dabble in makeup, or ask what great products they can find at the drugstore. Truth be told, you can find a lot of amazing beauty buys at your local Walgreens, CVS or Target- and there’s usually sales, coupons or buy one get one deals!

Today I took a friend to find some products for her makeup routine, and we really found some great deals. I wanted to share them with you all in case any of you are looking for some great affordable makeup products to add to your collection.

I’m a big fan of Maybelline. They honestly have such quality face makeup. I’ve been a fan of their FIT Me Matte + Poreless Foundation for years.

I suggested the Dewy+ Smooth formulation for my friend because compared to my oily skin that needs a matte foundation, hers tends to be on the drier side. She also got the Matte + Poreless powder (which I also love) for touch ups.

The thing I love about the FIT Me line is that it makes it easy and user friendly. You pick the shade that’s best for you (for example, her shade and my shade are both 120), and from there you can choose 120 in the liquid foundation, powder and concealer. It really takes out any guess work, which is nice.

I also have raved about the Age Rewind Neutralizing concealer time and time again on my blog.

This is one product I always repurchase. For the price and awesome coverage, you can’t beat it! I know it’s for dark circles, but I have also used it to cover up redness and pimples before and it works like a charm. I also love the Brightener shade of this concealer to help with under eye circles as well.

We also purchased some ELF products. Once again, I have always been such a fan of ELF over the years. Their prices are so affordable and they have really stepped up their makeup (and skincare) game over the years.

A personal favorite of mine has always been their primers.

The green tone adjusting primer has always  been my go to because I usually have a lot of redness and/or breakouts, but for my friend and for any other person with normal skin, I highly suggest the hydrating primer.

Speaking of primer, one of my favorite beauty steals has been the Elf Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer. For $2, this has been a comparable steal compared to my other favorite eyelid primer, the NARS Pro Prime Eyeshadow base, which is almost $30.

I repurchased the sheer shade, which I have been using, and my friend got the Pearl shade, which like its name is a gorgeous, shimmery Pearl color. It’s perfect for the days you don’t want to put on eyeshadow but still just want a little something on your lids.

Speaking of dupes for the more expensive NARS products (even though I heart NARS so much!), ELF recently came out with these blush/bronzer duos that are almost exactly like the NARS splits.

Seriously, how good are these though?! For $4, the blush and bronzer duo is so pretty, very pigmented and a major steal compared to their $42 counterpart. While I love my Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer, the St. Lucia Blush and Bronzer Compact from ELF is an amazing beauty steal.

One last product from ELF that rivals a department store favorite is their Mist and Set Setting Spray, which honestly works almost just as great as the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

While, I will always consistently use the UD version. For $2, the ELF one is pretty freaking good. Bonus for those wanting to try the UD Spray, the old packaging is almost half off online right now.

Lastly, we needed some good tools! My suggestion is checking out TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They have a lot of name brand beauty items for a fraction of the cost, and you can get great brushes and tools there. We even got a beauty blender like sponge from Nanette Lepore for less than $5! I also suggest the Real Techniques line. They have tons of quality brushes and beauty blender sponges as well.

All in all, the makeup trip was a success and we got tons of great items and a whole new makeup collection for under $70.


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