Blonde Side Collabs: VIIcode Skin Care 

Ever since I was little, I can always remember having very defined dark circles (I blame it on my fair skin tone!). Even as an adult, my mom always knows when I’m tired because she can see the dark circles under my eyes. Usually I don’t do anything more than try to get some extra sleep and put extra cover up on in the morning to mask them. Recently however, I was given the chance to try the VIIcode Skin Care Oxygen eye mask for dark circles.

I was very excited considering I don’t normally do anything extra to try and combat my dark circles. Let me tell you, when I first tried these, they felt like a little slice of heaven on my eyes especially after popping them in the freezer for a few minutes before application. I also woke up looking extra refreshed.

Each packet comes with two gel eye masks, and it’s suggested you keep them on for a minimum of 2-4 hours if you want to wear them during the day, or a maximum of 8 hours if you wear them to sleep. Although I was a little freaked it was going to feel weird sleeping with these on my face, I honestly didn’t mind it at all. They were actually pretty comfortable.

Applying them is also as easy as could be. You simply open the foil packet, peel the little film off of each eye mask and place them under your eye. ​

I would recommend placing them comfortably below your lower lash line, when I first tried them, I placed them too close and it felt slightly uncomfortable. Moving them down a touch definitely helped. Like I mentioned before, I put the packet in the freezer for a few minutes before I applied them and they felt so amazing on my tired eyes before bed.

These eye masks are seriously my newest obsession and I look forward to using them the suggested 2-3 times a week because they feel amazing, and make my dark circles way less visible. Try yours now for $5 off (seriously, try them) entering the code Nina at checkout. You will definitely won’t regret this one guys, I love them.


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