Tuesday Shoesday: My Current Favorites

If there is one thing I can’t get enough of lately, or ever for that matter, it is shoes. Seriously, I’ve stocked up on so many amazing and affordable pairs recently. So I’m showing off my current favorite pairs for everyone!

Let’s start with boots because as winter is almost here and these will be the most appropriate footwear for me pretty soon. Although I have a lot of functional boots for super snowy days, it is also nice to have some fashionable pairs.

I’ve been dying for a pair of OTK boots for years, and I finally jumped on this pair. They’re the perfect color, heel height and I love how tall they are.

I happened upon this next pair because I’m going to a disco party at the end of the month. I wanted something that I could wear again but that also looked disco-worthy, and I already had my eye on this metallic pair. I also got them on sale so it made sense, and I love this silver color.

I was late to the Target leopard boot partyand I was so bummed I missed out on them. I got this pair for 25% off this past weekend though, so it made up for it, and they’re just as cute.

Next, let’s talk about my obsession with mules. I really can’t get enough of this style. I’ve already posted this pair on my IG a few weeks back.

I love how comfortable they are. They look way more expensive than they were, and are very similar to their more expensive Gucci counterpart but are a fraction of the price.

The next pair were a little stretch for me, because tbh they kind of look like slippers, but I can’t get enough of these faux fur lined mules.

These are all the goodness of my Gucci look alike mules but with all the softness of some faux fur to keep my feet warm and cozy. These are also dupes for another pair of Guccis.

Lastly, I can’t get enough of straight up metallic mules. I missed out on this cute pair I was seeing all over because they were out of my size, but I found this shiny pair which are almost just as good!

I just ordered these today, so I can’t wait to see them in person.

Have you gotten any of these shoes? Which pair are you loving? I want to know.

Happy Tuesday Shoesday!


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