Blonde Side Collabs: Cosmetic Colly and Younique Products

Hey all, Happy Tuesday! I’m here to introduce you to a very special fellow blonde today, and she goes by the name of Cosmetic Colly.

Isn’t she beautiful?? I’ve been lucky enough to know this girl for literally most of my life. She’s amazing inside and out. Recently, she introduced me to Younique products, a line she’s been behind for a while now, and when she asked if I wanted to collab and try some of the Younique Products I was like

There’s nothing I love more than makeup and clothes (obv) and supporting awesome people. The hardest part was figuring out which products I wanted to try. I finally settled on the Touche Ala Mode Luminzer in Rose Gold (because what other color would I honestly choose?)


and the Moodstruck Precision Brow Liner in Medium, because I ran out of my usual trusty ELF one.


I was so impressed by both of these product selections. The Rose Gold Cream Luminzer has had me glowing. Even on my most casual makeup days, this product makes me look glam. I love the build able coverage. It’s very lightweight, and I use it solo like I did here, or mix it in with my foundation for a little shimmer all over.


Now let’s talk about this Precision Brow Liner. I love the super thin pencil that’s actually designed to mimic your actual brow hairs. It looks natural, the color matches perfectly and my brows look fuller than ever. I should also credit this product which I’ve also been using to plump up my brows and lashes.


Overall, I love this makeup look I’ve been doing for every day wear incorporating these Younique Products. These photos have not been retouched, and I am wearing very minimal makeup overall. I’ll list my other makeup details below.


Foundation / Concealer / Eyeliner / MascaraBlush / Gloss 

Shoutout to Colleen, aka Cosmetic Colly, for giving me the chance to try these products and share them with you all.


Make sure to give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter. You can find her Younique Products page by clicking here if you’re interested in trying any of these, or other Younique products!


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