Friday Unfavorites + My Chenille Sweater Disaster

Although I have tons of style and beauty favorites to share with you all, believe it or not, sometimes I purchase things that are just not good. I like to share these things to not only save you the money, but the time it takes to return them.

I would like to start off with not only an unfavorite, but an awful/embarrassing story concerning an otherwise adorably perfect chenille sweater. I had purchased two chenille sweaters from Boohoo, and quite honestly, they’re the most comfortable things I own.

Sweater here // Belt here

I really wanted a mustard yellow colored one, and behold I found on ON SALE at Nordstrom Rack. Yay!

But wait. Y’all. This thing shed everywhere. I mean everywhere. I felt so bad because I was driving in my friends brand new car and 5 minutes in, it looked like we had hit a canary. There were yellow fuzzies in the air, on the seat, in my eyes…it was awful. I had to take the sweater off mid morning and call it a day. I don’t really like to write bad reviews but I felt compelled to with this sweater because I didn’t want other people to buy it and have it shed every. freaking. where.

Luckily, I found a super cute one similar to my Boohoo sweaters at JC Penney for an even better price.

The other one is going to find itself back at Nordstrom Rack. For reference this sweater runs a little on the bigger side. I was going to get a S and opted for the XS and it fits perfectly.

A word to the wise. If you’re going to buy a chenille sweater, wear it around the store if you’re buying in store or wear it around the house before cutting the tags off to make sure the fabric isn’t going to shed. Chenille is a tricky one, but if you buy the right sweater, you’ll save yourself the embarrassment of having little fuzzies take over the entire room…your car…your friend’s car…your work chair…etc. And I promise that’s the end of this story.

The next purchase I regret (and also wish you could’ve seen me embarrassingly fail with) were these Sleep Styler rollers.

Being the Shark Tank junkie that I am, I had wanted these ever since I saw them on an episode a month or two back. When I saw them at Target, I was sold. I got the Mini size which are recommended for short to fine hair, ’cause this girl wants some waves in her bob without putting heat on it all the time.

My experience with these was just a disaster. I watched YouTube, looked at tutorials, followed their FAQs on their website…but it was seriously just an epic fail. I didn’t even try to to sleep with them because I couldn’t even get them to stay in my hair. These also ended up getting returned because they weren’t worth the time, money (they’re $30!), or hassle.

Last on my list was this bodysuit. Disclaimer, it looks way more scandalous than it is, but paired with denim, an oversized cardi and OTK boots, it’s the cutest outfit combo ever.

The only problem was the first one I ordered came ripped…and when I returned it and ordered another one, it was so short and odd fitting. I even ordered it in a Large based on the reviews. I was only able to get a partial refund for this one, and was able to keep it, but I don’t know what to do with it. Maybe cut off the bottom and turn it into a tank? Thoughts?

I think the moral of this post is that you win some, you lose some. In this case, I really lost with all three of these items, but at least I am able to share with you some of my duds from the past month. Have you had any similar experiences lately?




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