Blonde Side Collabs: Maple Holistics

Hey all, Happy Tuesday! First of all, I’m super excited that I’ve gotten back to posting regularly within the past couple weeks. Second, I’m stoked to share a super awesome product I’ve been testing out this month and spoiler alert, it’s been saving my life!

That super awesome product would be the Maple Holistics Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo.

In case you’re new to Maple Holistics, like I was up until a few weeks ago, it is an all natural cruelty free company that specializes in personal care products.

I was really happy to try the Tea Tree Shampoo because this cold New York weather has my hair and skin in serious distress. Before trying this shampoo, my scalp had been itching like crazy. So quite honestly, I received this at the perfect time as I was trying to find a product that would relieve how itchy my poor scalp was getting on a daily basis.

I love the smell of Tea Tree anything, and I love the cooling feeling of it even more. I followed the directions on the bottle and let this shampoo sit in my hair for a couple minutes in the shower, and then repeated the same process a second time. All I have to say is wow, this product is such a relief. My boyfriend even tried this one out and was equally impressed with it. After getting to try this for a few weeks and seeing how good my scalp now feels, I can say this shampoo is becoming a staple in my hair arsenal!

Want to try some Maple Holistics for yourself? They offer a free sample program. This is a great offer because you can try some of their products at no cost while getting to learn more about their natural, cruelty free personal care line. Such an awesome deal!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and Happy (almost) Thanksgiving.


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