Blonde Side Collabs: Maple Holistics

Hey all, Happy Tuesday! Even though we’re less than a week away from Christmas, I’m gonna take a quick break from talking Holiday things to share another amazing product I’ve been using from Maple Holistics. You may remember my winter hair saver, aka their Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo, I gushed about a few weeks back.

Since December started, I’ve also been trying their Argan Special Formula Shampoo as well, and guess what? It’s equally as gush-worthy.

The thing I noticed right off the bat and probably my favorite part of this shampoo is that it has a very soft scent. I’m not a big fan of shampoos that have an over powering scent, or ones that smell too medicinal. This Argan scent is perfect. It also has a super rich lather which is another plus for me.

This hairbrush is another current lifesaver, ps!

The Argan shampoo is a #1 bestseller on their website, which is no surprise. Here is the product description for those of you wondering why the Argan blend might be a good fit for your hair needs.

The price point of these shampoos is also why I recommend these so much. They’re very adorable (under $10) and you know that you’re getting a great quality, natural product.

To be honest, I’ve been mixing these shampoos together…not literally, but I start with the Tea Tree Shampoo, rinse, and then finish by shampooing with the Argan one. I have been loving the results.

Don’t forget about their Free Samples program if you’re interested in trying the Maple Holistics products. Who doesn’t love free samples?! Also, make sure you check out their blog post all about Dermarolling (it’s a super interesting read).

Stay tuned, I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about Maple Holistics again soon!


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