Deep Conditioners: What I Love + What’s a Miss

This is a true story that this post was inspired by me taking a shower and noticing that I have so many different deep conditioners sitting in there. Some are amazing, and some are just collecting dust…if that even happens in the shower. So to save you some time (and money) if you’re in the market for a deep conditioner, I’m breaking down what I love and what’s been a complete miss for me.

Let’s talk about the ones I love, first. It’s always better to start with the good rather than the bad, am I right? While I’m not ranking them, I’ll start with my absolute most favorite and work my way down.

On the top of the list would be this Kristin Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask. There are many good things about this one, first of all the price point is worth discussing, it’s less than $15! I love the smell, and the feel of it is so creamy and rich when you scoop it out. The directions say to leave it in for 5 minutes or longer, I usually do this for about 20 minutes with a shower cap on. I love the way it makes my hair feel and smell afterwards! I love the working serum and leave in conditioner from this line as well if you want to maintain your super soft locks.

Next up is this Amika Nourishing Mask. I have been loving the Amika line lately and have been avidly using their Triple Rx Shampoo as well. Once again, a plus for this one is the smell. All the Amika products smell amazing, ps. It’s also super lightweight and works well. I have the sample size because I received it as a sample, but you can also try the full size version.

Lastly on my list of loves is this Pureology Instant Deep Conditioning Mask.

This one is very nice and lightweight as well. The smell of this one is like a soothing herbal tea, and I am obsessed with it. I tried out the sample size version, but there is also a full sized one too.

Now let’s talk about the one deep conditioner that was a miss from me.

That would be the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I hear so many good things about this line, and I picked this product up on a whim at Marshalls, which luckily it was cheaper there. I can’t explain this one. When I used it and shampooed it out of my hair and started drying my hair, it was like I still had conditioner left in it. I literally had to get back in the shower and wash my hair again. The second time I tried it, the same thing happened which was such a bummer because I really wanted to like it.

I also wanted to include an honorable mention with this Sachajuan Hair Repair.

I’m including it as an honorable mention because I have used it once (I received a full size sample from Sephora) and my hair felt so revived afterwards. People even asked me if I got my hair done the day after I had used this. So good!

Hopefully this post has helped if you’re struggling with dry hair this winter like myself. Let me know if you try any of these or have any other deep conditioner suggestions.


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