Monday’s Valentine’s Day Favorites

Valentine’s Day is always one of those holidays that is hit or miss with people, and I understand the feelings. I just happen to love any excuse to decorate, dress up and eat chocolate. So whether you have someone, are celebrating with your girls or just want to pretend this post isn’t related to this holiday, I wanted to share some fun things that have me inspired by the day of love.

This is the current set up I have on my nightstand. I got this vase from my mom as a Christmas gift, and was able to make this cute faux peony floral arrangement for $4 with supplies from the Dollar Tree and I got this tray for under $5 from the Target Dollar Spot aka my happy place.

A great fragrance and romantic candles are pretty much essential for Valentine’s Day. One of my personal favorites is Tory Burch’s Love Relentlessly (pictured above). It also comes in this cute little set. A close second is a perfume I discussed in last week’s Monday Favorites. As for candles, I am in LOVE with Diptyque.

Quite honestly, I’m afraid to even burn my Diptyque candle because it’s so freaking luxurious, but clearly I understand that’s irrational. I love the Mimosa scent so much though. It’s amazingly dreamy and quite honestly, it fragrances the room even without being lit. One of my favorite more affordable candle options is this scent from Voluspa. Perfect for V Day!

Now let’s talk about style. I’m obsessing over anything pink and velvet at the moment.

This skirt is pretty much sold out online, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to find it in store like I did. This velvet chevron bag is also perfection, and can we talk about this Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary tint?!

It’s such a fun way to add a little colorful touch to your hair. It’s nothing overly drastic (at least on my hair), as you can see it added a hint of color.. Honestly, I probably could’ve left it on longer, and I might apply more as Valentine’s Day gets closer. On an unrelated note, so many of you have been asking about these sunnies which I’ve linked here.

Lastly, I wanted to throw in a Valentine’s Day gift idea which I think is so good! You can gift it to a significant other, gal pal or quite honestly TREAT YOSELF. That would be the Slip Silk Pillowcase.

Trust me on this one, your hair, skin, sleep schedule, literally everything will thank you. This pillowcase is amazing and would make the perfect Valentine’s treat. I have the pink, but it comes in plenty of other colors.

I hope you enjoyed these favorites. I’m thinking of doing a Valentine’s Inspired makeup post later this week for you all. Thoughts?


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