Let’s Multi-Mask!

I have a lot of products in my beauty arsenal, no surprise there I’m sure. Some items that I have accumulated a lot of lately are masks. It takes a lot for a mask to completely wow me, so I’ve tried to take the guess work out for you all and share some of my top choices. While I’m aware that some skincare products won’t work for everyone, these are some masks that really changed the game for me, and I hope they can for you too.

The first on my list is one that I also mentioned in Monday’s Favorites post, and that is this Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask.

A second mention in one week should tell you just how good this is. The smell is amazing, and I love the way it’s been making my skin feel. This one pictured is the mini size, but I plan on getting the full size when I run out.

Another mask I’ve become hooked on is the Blue Tansy Resurfacing Mask.


I received a mini facial at Sephora a few months back where they used the Blue Tansy mask on me. All the girls who worked there were absolutely obsessed and I can see why after using this. It contains AHA + BHA which are both amazing ingredients when it comes to exfoliating your skin. I’m going to be honest this mask smells a little funky, but enduring the scent is well worth it for how rejuvenated it makes your skin look and feel. The True Blue Skin Duo set is such a steal if you want to try this mask and their Lapis Skin Oil (another skincare must have).

Next, I’m sharing a product that was an impulse purchase. The pink clay masks have been kind of a fad recently, and I was a little skeptical if this Sand + Sky Pink Clay Mask would really work even with the Internet apparently freaking out over how good it is.


I have to say, it really does live up to its hype. After trying this I was honestly shocked at how smooth and shiny (in a good way) my skin looked. My pores appeared smaller, my makeup applied better, it really did do some great things for my face. If you’re going to splurge for any mask, I definitely say go for Sand + Sky, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Lastly, I need to share a different type of mask, it’s one for your lips! It is the Sara Happ Sweet Clay Lip Mask.

I’ve had this one for months now, and I’ve loved it just as much as the first day I got it. It has a very sweet minty flavor, and I love the bright pink color. I layer it on, leave it on for about 20 minutes and then wipe it off. I follow it up with the Sara Happ Lip Scrub (I love her products, ps), and my lips are so soft. Even with this terribly cold winter weather, when I use this mask, you can’t even tell my lips were dry and chapped in the first place.

I hope this was a helpful post for all my skincare lovers. Have you tried any of these products, or do you have any recommendations for me?


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