Monday Favorites: 2018 Oscars Fashion

As I sit here watching the Oscars, I find myself less intrigued by the actual show than I am with the red carpet coverage. Obv. I’ve always lived and breathed the beautiful fashion on this special night, so that’s why I wanted to share my favorite trends and looks of 2018.

Can we start with this amazing sheer pink trend? I am obsessed. It’s so ethereal, so flattering and just downright gorgeous!

Images via Glamour

Not to mention that I love each of the ladies rocking these looks. I have to say this has been my favorite trend of the night.

Next, I’m all about the jewel tones in so many of the gowns I’ve seen on the red carpet.

Images via Glamour

From purples, reds, blues and greens these colors are always so striking and classic. Who doesn’t love a good pop of color?

You can also never wrong with metallics. Why not look like one of those coveted statues while attending the ceremony?

Images via Twitter

I also love each of the unique takes I’ve seen on these metallic looks. They’re all so different, but equally gorgeous. Metals will never go out of style in my book.

Before I go into my fashion favorites of the evening, I wanted to talk some of the best hairstyle moments.

Images via Twitter

Something about the sleekness of the shorter bob, or the longer lob version is gorgeous. I always feel like the expectation for a dressed up event is an updo, so I love when people opt for something a little more unexpected when they wear their hair down in a chic, effortless style. These 3 were some of my favorite hair looks.

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for (hopefully), my favorite looks of the 2018 Red Carpet.

Images via People and Glamour

Besides Emma Stone’s hair, I was totally crazy about her look. It was so different and perfect. I was also loving the reds and pinks in general. Allison Janney looks amazing, and Saoirse Ronan looks reminiscent of 1999 Gwyneth Paltrow.

Images via People

Taraji P. Henson literally always slays the red carpet. Look at her! She was one of my favorites of last year as well. I love the black, I love the high slit and I love the sheer, drape-y material. She is my runner up for best dressed.

My absolute favorite look of the night goes to someone I didn’t expect to even see, but man, does she look amazing!

Image via People

Between the color, the style, her glow…everything about Jennifer Garner’s look is absolutely incredible.

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