Batchin’ and Betchin’: Why The Bachelor Season Finale Was So Wrong!

I interrupt your regularly scheduled Wednesday to bring you a special edition of my Batchin’ and Betchin’ Bachelor recap. I haven’t done one of these in a couple seasons, quite honestly due to the fact the most recent seasons have been pretty un- noteworthy (Except for Rachel, love her! I just didn’t have the time). Nick was never a favorite of mine to begin with, and I didn’t really have much to say about Arie’s otherwise boring season…until now. In all fairness, I loved Arie on Emily’s season, so I was excited that he finally was chosen to be the Bachelor in a way only a fan who has been watching this long would understand.


Image via People

By the end of this season, however, I felt like Andi screaming IT’S NOT OKAY at Juan Pablo (who seems like a saint at this point, TBH) repeatedly saying it’s ok.



I really wanted to use this post to discuss all the things that were inherently wrong with this season’s Bachelor finale, but don’t worry, I also want to talk about a few things that were so right too!

So let’s start with this segment I dub, Why This Season’s Bachelor Finale was SO Wrong!

1. They filmed Arie ripping Becca’s heart out, meanwhile she’s over here thinking they’re having a happy couple weekend. Honestly, I felt so wrong even watching it on Monday night. I felt like that was a moment I, as well as the rest of America, should not have and did not need to be apart of.

2. The fact that Arie wouldn’t leave. I mean there are billboards dedicated to this right now! I can’t stand that we live in a culture where there are still people who don’t understand no means no, and leave literally means GO.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 11.09.08 AM.png

Image via Twitter

3. Arie reached out to Lauren via social media (as he also did with “multiple” exes according to Bekah M) while he was still ENGAGED to see if he had a chance with Lauren before breaking up with Becca. Honestly, there is no further elaboration needed on this one.

4. The fact that this man said he was “1000% over” his fiancée he JUST broke up with days before. I just could not with this statement. It was so awful.

5. Arie’s proposal to Lauren B. should’ve been private. After all he put both girls through (yes both, he did break up with Lauren first on National TV after all) and airing the breakup of his engagement with Becca, he should’ve at least just kept one thing private. I don’t think the proposal on the ATFR special was even close to appropriate.

6. The threats Chris Harrison claimed he was receiving when speaking on ATFR last night. We are all entitled to our opinions of the craziness that is the Bachelor, but let’s just make it clear it is NEVER OK to threaten someone.

7. Personal opinion, but Lauren B. should’ve never allowed him back into her life. Again, I’m speaking from my own point of view, but if he had the audacity to do the crappy things he did to Becca, he’s inevitably going to do crappy things to Lauren. People don’t change their ways, and there were already shady things being said about Arie before the season even started. I just would’ve never given him a second chance.

I wish Arie and Lauren the best, but that’s very tough to do after watching everything unfold in the way that it did.

Now, let’s focus on the positive and discuss all of the things that were SO RIGHT with this season’s finale.

1. Becca is the new Bachelorette!!!!

Image via US Weekly Magazine

She is so worthy. I cannot wait for her to have her second chance at love, and also have a chance to showcase her strong, witty, amazing personality. I’m SO EXCITED. I didn’t think she would even want to be on this show again, but I’m so happy she made this choice.

At the end of the day this girl has Louboutins, she met and was styled by Rachel Zoe and has the whole world in love with her. So who’s the real winner of this season? Definitely Becca.


This was my legitimately my most favorite moment of the entire season. I love how much ladies support each other and just genuinely seem to love each other and value each other’s friendship.

Also the fact that people Venmo-ed Becca money for wine so that she could take a break and relax. I LOVE THAT (oh my god, I just sounded like Arie this whole season, please forgive me!). Then Becca goes and donates said money to charity? She is all of the goals. Literally all of them.

3. Bekah M

First of all, the real true love of this season was Bekah M. and her statement earring collection. Am I right? Last night’s blue and green tassel numbers were so good and I need them.

Let’s not forget how much I love her facial expressions, but more on that in a minute.

Secondly, her dragging of Arie on Twitter was the most epic thing to ever happen. Can you even imagine the times of the Bachelor not in the age of social media anymore?

Lastly, her face during last night’s proposal was EVERYONE’S MOOD.

Keep doing you, Bekah M. because I love you and your cute and spunky 22 year old soul.

So here is where I leave you, because I literally have no more energy left to discuss this dumpster fire of a season. I will be counting down the days to May 28th, however to see my girl Becca steal the show. Maybe I will continue my recaps on a regular basis then, thoughts?


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