About Me

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Welcome to the Blonde Side! My name is Nina, the brains (and blonde-ness) behind Blonde Side Style, my outlet for all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and of course, my love for the TV show The Bachelor. I am a proud New Yorker who also loves coffee, wine, shopping and I am obsessed with all things donut related.

I started this blog because I am always talking about clothes and makeup, so why not turn it into an outlet for some girl talk with you all about my favorite things?! I love giving style and makeup advice, and enjoy sharing some tidbits about my personal life as well.

I love connecting with you all, and I love collaborating with readers, brands and my fellow blogging gals. For an collaborations inquiries, questions, feedback or suggestions about posts you’d really love to see please feel free to contact me at blondesidestyle@gmail.com. I would love to chat.

I’m also pretty active on social media, and you can stay up to date with me by following me here:

Twitter: @blondesidestyle

Instagram: @blondesidestyle

Pinterest: @blondesidestyle

Thanks for stopping by!



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